From tides to cooking (Twitter 2008-05-20)

  • Preparing my #2 interview, tomw, at a well known software & service web company. While the chicken from from heaven roasting in the oven. #
  • @OurielOhayon It seems Flickery to be a great browser/manager for a Flickr account. Local pics management & synching to be managed otherway. #
  • @OurielOhayon Is flickery able to deal with local photo managers (iPhoto, iView, Aperture) for handling titles, tags, locations, desc.? #
  • @effisk Follow @marees_ferret : update 1/jour @ 24:00 avec la marée du lendemain au Ferret. Autre port ? cherche le pipe « tides in france » #
  • @jdseyres Bonne route et, gare au radar vers Belin #